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+24 years of experience

We offer you complete solutions framed by advantageous packages, thanks to a successful BtoB management dynamic, real synergies, powerful and highly creative combination of hybrid App and resources.

Our strength lies in our ability to rationalize the implementation of a project and to ensure a sustained and particularly consistent follow-up.

+1500 main websites/Multimedia projects

For more than two decades, we have covered diversified sectors:

- Medical
- I.T.
- Programming and Development
- Multimedia and Videogames
- Mining and Forestry
- Sports Information / Sports Association / Sports Coaching
- Fashion
- Art, Music and Culture
- Editing 
- TV Production / Webcasting
- Video games
- Press and Media
- Hotel and Catering
- Events
- Professional Training
- Ecology
- Human Sciences and Politics
- Diving OffShore (...)

"Keeping it simple is a professional matter."

Art and Earth TM
Networks and Technology

Diego Piccini (da Todi)
Full Stack Programmer/Developer

(back end/Front end, Web/Object) 
Lead Developer - Lead Designer - Content Manager

Registered Company in France and Canada

SIREN : 411 389 216 - SIRET : 411 329 216 00028 (France)
Inc. : 661515-5 (Canada, Qc.)


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